Understanding popular DNS attack types

The different DNS attack types gained a lot of popularity in recent years. For that reason, it is very important to understand which they are and how they can affect you. Furthermore, some of them are more frequently used because their initiation is easier for cybercriminals. The common thing about all of them is that they take advantage of the vulnerabilities of the Domain Name System (DNS). In the list of most popular attacks are DNS spoofing, DDoS amplification, and DNS flood. Learn more about these 3 popular DNS attack types.

DNSSEC – Definition

Domain Name System Security Extensions is more commonly known as DNSSEC, and it is a very useful and handy method that helps with improving the security of your domain. It is a simple feature that compliments your DNS. After you decide to include it for your domain, DNSSEC is going to attach to each of your DNS records a digital signature. Thanks to that amazing feature, you are able to ensure that the source of the domain is actually authentic. Find out more useful information about DNSSEC!